“Quality products for the global market”

In November 2011 AGP Export Ltd. was born with the ideal of creating a company to directly market quality products with the global market.
We are currently processing blueberries hoping to grow in the near future.

Our mission
To achieve global recognition, we seek to create a relationship of trust with the international market.
For this we are are focused on:

  • Cultivate and produce quality fruit.
  • Continuously seek innovation within the field.
  • Understand current and future market needs.

Our vision
AGP Export Ltda. aspires to be a brand with global recognition for the quality of its production and commercialization of blueberries.

Our values
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Quality

We are constantly seeking to expand into new markets.

For this season we will be arriving with our product to Germany, England, the United States, Canada and Korea.